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John, thanks for pulling together this interview - it clearly took a lot of effort. A minor quibble - I found the inline explanations very useful, but hard to read in the context of the discussion. I would have liked them linked as references at the foot of the interview so I could follow the flow of the conversation and jump to the detail later.

John Napiorkowski

Chris, thanks for the feedback. I definitely agonized over the best way to incorporate the summaries. I actual have an even more detailed version which I cut back from. Matt has so many interesting things to say, but a lot of his thoughts often presupposed a certain level of experience. I did my best to cut the difference between the summaries and maintaining the integrity of the interview. Maybe in my next interview I'll try your suggestion. Now that there's a Catalyst wiki, I could even link stuff to that, which would allow people to add more details. Thanks!


John, I definitely got a lot out of the interspersed commentary. It's probably a matter of "some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot nine days old." For my money, when there are things that puzzle me or I haven't yet learned, it's useful to have those items addressed close-to-hand. At times I found myself reading MST, reading your comments, then re-reading MST, and going, "Oh, yeah!"

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