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[this is good] Well John the reality is that many developers need to try out ideas first in a virtual hosting environment, where they do not have root.This has often been a big stumbling block because of developers who do not think to test the framework in this kind of setup. Thus you get modules that, when passed the proper build switches, install themselves in places like /usr/local/lib/perl/usr/local/lib/perl/lib. I hope you will consider doing a run-through on a virtual hosting environment to work out the non-root install bugs before declaring victory with your showcase series.

John Napiorkowski

In my next blog post I will show how I typically set up a new virtual machine with a deployment geared toward situations where you don't have root. So definitely fitting this bill is very important.I do have to say though, with the cost of cloud instances falling so low, it's becoming less of an issue to have to deal with these kind of shared setups. For my side consulting work, these are almost always legacy situations. But I will definitely discuss. Thanks for bringing up the issue and please watch my blog to make sure I am good to my word.


I suppose I'd like to draw a distinction between a virtual machine (where you can have root) and a virtual host server (pair.com, he.net, nearlyfreespeech.net, to name a few), where you normally don't. Virtual host accounts generally go for $10 / month or less, whereas something like an EC2 instance would cost $35 and up (haven't checked prices a while, but they used to be $70 / month).It is indeed becoming less of an issue, but $35 a month versus $0.35 a month (for nearlyfreespeech.net, when traffic is light) is a BIG difference to me.The difference between doing it on a VM on your own machine versus doing it somewhere with a real IP address, is you can roll out very small services that are not going to support higher hosting fees.

John Napiorkowski

I think we can clarify the goal is to make sure we develop in such a way and to make it easier to deploy to shared hosts if necessary, but also not hamstring yourself if you can move up to a full virtual host or cloud instance. Ideally you'd be able to instance all third party cpan modules into your own locally controlled perl lib area. That way you can avoid some of the trouble with not having root on many of the shared servers.There is also the possibility of compiling your own local perl, but many shared server hosts will object. Sometimes it helps to ask very nicely for permission. If you can demonstrate technical competence and if you are polite, you can often talk your way through to a solution that meets the need.

Marty Brandon

Great idea John. Looking forward to your posts. I'm a researcher who has used Perl for nearly a decade, but I often get a little discouraged trying to choose a good combination of packages from the CPAN and implementing them using "best practices". Though there are many good books and a supportive community, nothing beats seeing a working example that includes explanation of why things were implemented the way they were.

John Napiorkowski

My next part should be out later today or tomorrow. My plan is to have a lot more text and discussion / explanation than you get in a how to. Thanks for checking in and place feel free to ask questions when something is not clear.


[this is good] I have been using Perl in my work for about 8 years, but have not got chance to do web developing. So when I want to do a website for myself, I found there are tons of things to learn. There are many blogs, site generators, blah blah, but I just want something of my own. I am learning Catalyst now. Your work will be a great help if you can show us from A to Z.BTW, I like your 'suit', style of 'Qing' Dynasty, isn't it? And the color 'yellow' was only for royal family.

John Napiorkowski

I'm not sure if it's Qing Dynasty style (my wife's away and she'd know) but yes, I'm wearing the Emperor yellow :) This was part of a series my wife and I took after we got married.I'm catching on on the next part of BlueChild, I got side tracked a bit with some Catalyst related advocacy work. Also, as I pointed out, I'm trying hard to cover all the gaps. Hopefully people like you will say, "Hey, I don't get it" and of course hoping some of the the other experts around correct me when I got off on something silly.

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