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I recently employed the services of a well-known person in the Perl community who these days recruits and places Perl hackers around the globe (Uri Guttman, http://perlhunter.com)I've been coding for years, but always worked as a sysadmin. I've wanted to land a dev job for a while; I know I have the skills - but I guess I didn't know how to market them properly.Uri helped me take my self-written resume and refactor it, and his advice was excellent. His help cost me nothing, since it benefits *both* of us - I get a resume that gets more employers to notice me, and he gets another potiential placement candidate whose skills he now knows that much better.I typically interview very well, but *getting* an interview always seemed to be difficult. Eighteen months ago when I started looking for something new it took me several months just to get a handful of interviews.This time around I had several interviews within a few weeks, and I've already started a new job, finally doing what I've been wanting to do for years - get paid for hacking Perl!

John Napiorkowski

Hey,This is a great link and resource. I appreciate you sharing this with other programmers.

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