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Re (4), it's important that any change not break things for people who already have a .cpan elsewhere.

John Napiorkowski

Well, if you are on a Mac, and you .cpan is in $home/Library/Application Support/.cpan, you are already busted, since I've found many cpan distributions that can't compile or run tests to a path with spaces. Yeah, that's bad, but is not easy to fix and probably difficult to get fixed. The easier path for the moment is to migrate .cpan to a path without spaces. Some sort of warnings and / or migration tool would be in order.I'm thinking for item 4, this would only apply to Macs and only apply to .cpan living in that broken area. For everyone else I think just a warning if your path to .cpan contains a space is enough.Afterward, I definitely would like to work toward making sure people write tests that don't break just because the path has a space in it. That's just silly. Anyway, even using $home/.cpan is eventually going to be trouble, I know more and more people choosing user names with spaces or other suspect characters, and we need to be able to either cope or detect the problem and offer an option.Thanks!

Kevin G.

In advance: THANK YOU.

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