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[this is good] How have you worked around the File::HomeDir problem that you described in an earlier post? TIA

John Napiorkowski

Yes, I believe two things have happened here. One, the Troubled Bits of File::HomeDir have been improved, namely Mac::Carbon has been updated and I find it compiles cleanly on my Power Book. Additionally CPAN has been patched to set the the CPAN home directory to your user directory instead of $HOME/Library .... which was a path with spaces that caused a lot of trouble for certain cpan modules. I'm not sure that patch is in the current cpan or not, but it should be out soon. Soon the good news is I find Catalyst and all my normal bits compile and install from CPAN without trouble. Just make sure your user directory isn't a path with spaces :), although even that problem should diminish over time with all the work on Strawberry Perl that involves fixing path related test and compile failures.So with Perl 5.10.1 and local lib per application I am very happy with cpan and with managing dependencies. This is a great improvement for this year and I think shows the vitality of the Perl community and its ability to address problems of this scale.

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