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[this is good] Hi This is great! I am sure I'll use it in my new projects. Not to criticize - but since you ask for feedback - when reading the docs I found it hard to understand what are the fixtures/where the data comes from. Perhaps you could delay the explanation of different ways of loading fixtures to some later reference parts of the docs and at the start concentrate on the simplest way. An example that would show a fully functional test in one place, one that would be easy to copy and paste would be clarifying.I am also thinking about publishing some example DBIC schemas with data that could be used for testing CPAN modules. Of course this could never be a comprehensive set - but perhaps something to make a quick start of the testing would be useful?

John Napiorkowski

Hey,The docs for Test::DBIx::Class definitely need a lot of work, don't feel bad to criticize. This first go mostly pulls together docs from several other sources with the minimum added to tie it together. I plan a Cookbook and tutorial style POD for later, after I get the remaining TODO stuff solved. Right now I just have replication support, auto seeding of default fixtures and possibly support for bulk loading of fixtures using native database methods, like the mysql loader, since if you have a huge fixture set, loading them via DBIC might be time prohibitive. Anyway, that's last on the list for now. I'd love to work together on adding more and better stuff to Test::DBIx::Class::Example::Schema. My goal there is both instructional and practical. I'd like something I can leverage when building DBIC components and I'd like a repository of things that newcomers can look at to get the idea. Again, patches welcomed. In fact, you can just clone the github and hack away: "git://github.com/jjn1056/Test-DBIx-Class.git"If you do use it, please let me know of any pain points. I figure this dist can replace a lot of repeated effort and let us pull together our precious development time.As far as the RFC I will try hard to make docs a higher time priority from the start. Since the Catalyst trait is going to be mostly from scratch it should be easier to get te docs first. With Test::DBIx::Class I spent most of the time gluing together ugly bits and writing test cases. I'll refactor the underlying code once the feature set and test cases get stable.Thanks for the feedback!

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