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[this is good] I have to say, that when I saw your repo go up on github was I was
intrigued. I've really needed something like this. The only missing
piece would be to actively version the local::lib along with the
project using git. In the grand scheme of things, it isn't that hard to
do separately. Anyhow, this really looks like a winning time saver


[this is good] Check out cpanminus development. local::lib bootstrapping is in the roadmap.


What we now do at work to isolate our projects is using http://www.virtualbox.org/ . This is against my own inclinations - but it looks very interesting if slightly overwhelming by the lack of any knowledge base how to organize things in a setup like that.

John Napiorkowski

Virtual Machines are also very helpful, but might be a bit heavy handed as a tool to isolate project dependencies. For me the time lost would be prohibitive, since I need to switch often between any of a number of projects. Typically I use a VM for modeling how a possible deployment strategy might work out.Yeah, I think the Perl community is starting to grow a knowledge base of good strategies for the most common workflows. This is a good thing and hopefully in the future we can reduce the problem of how nearly every company I started at had rolled its own toolchain, and eventually become servants to it. :)I am also watching cpanminus and that seems like a very strong candidate to replace my current set of tools. Hopefully we can all come together around a process and all bang on it until its working perfectly.

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