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Kent Fredric

[this is good] I approve muchly of this. I was thinking of hacking together something of similar nature.You may wish to consider the following:1. Per ENV configuration files.2. Ability to choose between inheriting the parent environment ( with regard to things that affect Perl ) or sterilizing the parent environment to be as trimmed back to Perl essentials as possible. 3. Ability to choose from a stack of parent local::lib installs to automatically inherit all their ENV from. ( In a given order )

John Napiorkowski

Others have suggested some sort of manager on top of this that lets you flip on multiple libs. Now that this is on the way to CPAN I'm going to see how it settles out before I tackle that.Oh, you might want to take a lot at: http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?local::lib::profiles which I seriously looked at. It does similar stuff as my App::local::lib::helper but more generic it seems. Take a look that might work better for your need.

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