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I was thinking about putting this together the other day for Perl freelancers - a reverse jobs.perl.org that lists what devs are available for.

My concern is that I have an overall impression that Perl companies are not very forward-looking, so they might not take notice of the site. I'm still considering it, though; simply having something like this available might encourage some firms to change their ways.

For sure, it has to be a hip looking site - something that very clearly defies the expectation of a 20-year-old language.


I think it's a great idea, thanks for volunteering for this, John!

/me runs

Steven Haryanto

I'm thinking something like http://perlresume.org/ but one that lets us add additional/custom fields. At least it solves the registration problem by using PAUSE.


Why not combine our efforts? Like... improving http://perlresume.org? :)


Good recruiters don't look for just keywords in a résumé, so are you trying to help the bad ones who probably aren't going to look further than LinkedIn to a small site with virtually no brand recognition? If I were thinking about how to spend my time and who I'd be helping, I wouldn't want to help the group of recruiters this might help. I could spend that time helping some other group.

The people who already know how to manage their brand do it very well and don't need another website to spread their brand. The people who don't manage their brand aren't going to do it any better with another website. It's not that people are lacking a way to already do what you want to provide.

This is something I think about quite a bit since I manage the Advanced Perl Users and the CPAN Developer LinkedIn groups. I see a bunch of people with poor profiles who apply to be in those groups. They are more in need of social help than technological help. How is that going to be different with a new website? Who's going to vet the information to rule out the false hits? How is the end state going to be different from what it is now?

Instead of asking Perl people through the readers of your blog, ask a bunch of recruiters what they need to solve this problem.

But, let's assume that it is a good idea and that it's worthy of your time. I'd like to see something like about.me that can link various other profiles (http://about.me/brian_d_foy) but as a single expression of shareable, importable, exportable data. I first thought about the MetaCPAN profiles, but that requires people to be a CPAN Author. However, I also think that if you really want to get a Perl job, you'd be a CPAN author since a working example of your skills is better than a résumé. I'd like to have MetaCPAN profiles without CPAN, and a way for trusted people to ++ a profile. Personal recommendations are still the most valuable way to judge a candidate.

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