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Mamod Mehyar

Thank you, this was a great read, I like Catalyst but at the same time I have the same thoughts you brought up.

For being heavy this totally depends on the project you are working on, if it's a big project then size of Catalyst doesn't matter but when you deal with small sized projects or a light web application then I think catalyst is not for the task, but again I really like the way Catalyst work and how it separate things for me, and since my work mostly deal with small applications I had to roll my own web framework module which resemble Catalyst to some point but as simple as Dancer.

I wish I had the choice of keep using Catalyst on all my projects since it's well engineered, mature and has a great community.

I'm with Catalyst being a thin layer or at least a thin layer port of it will be a great idea


Good thoughts. I'd add two more considerations:

1) What level of developer expertise is expected? Is Catalyst for beginning developers or for experts?

2) What kinds of websites/applications is Catalyst for?

In other words, who is the customer and what problem is he trying to solve?

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