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Dimitar Petrov

Great work putting all together and syncing the repos with github. I hope repos are going to now more discoverable and will become easier for people to contribute.

Robin Smidsrød

John, you might find the tool I just wrote, App::GitHubPullRequest, useful for managing the pull requests you (hopefully) will receive.


You might want to fix 3 'zoombie' typos above.


I'll definitely be reviewing App::GitHubPullRequest. The thing is I need to pull the PR branches into my local checkout first, so I can push them to shadowgit and then shadowgit will push them back out to github. But if you have a better idea let me know (I am not a gitfu master)

Robin Smidsrød

The workflow you mention here is exactly the one the tool was made to streamline.

git pr checkout [number]
git diff master..
[review/modify/rebase branch pr/number]
git push shadowgit my-feature
git pr comment [number]
git pr close [number]

The binary is currently called prq, but will be renamed to git-pr shortly.

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