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Aristotle Pagaltzis

a) What is IO::Async’s Plack handler?

b) I am not going to say TRIAL is a great idea then. :-) But didn’t they at least get you some test results from CPAN Testers? It seems like at least the bungled dependencies in the first couple of 5.9004x releases could have been shaken out that way, even not the bugs in the backcompat shims, which will probably always require testing against existing codebases.


a) IOAsync supports an HTTP webserver which you can see over here : https://metacpan.org/release/Net-Async-HTTP-Server and there is a plack handler for this (IOAsync's equiv. to AnyEvent's Twiggy) in that distribution, https://metacpan.org/module/Plack::Handler::Net::Async::HTTP::Server

This evented server has a lot of features, its even http/1.1 support for chunked response.

b) after discussing this on IRC I came to the 'lets make the smallest decision that would have solved some problems' which was to say that no release of catalyst would be allowed without testing on a clean local lib (full build to make sure you catch any and all regressive dependency issues). Going forward I think we will do TRIAL released during a dev cycle when a task was complete in order to let people play with stuff before it is considered stable. So both of those ideas together I think will help.

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